For Dr. (Mrs.)Disha Dubey Shukla graduating as a Gynecologist & Obstetrician was a commitment she made to herself during high school. Moved with the unattended challenges of women’s health in India, she was determined to bring a difference at large. Over the years in her career, Dr.Disha has not only served the female patients with right medications and successful surgeries, but has also extended her counseling skills to their families-ensuring women are more supported for the health choices they make.

Dr. Disha’s curious bent for the latest research developments in her field has served promisingly. She travels to the best medical institutes, updates with international journals, learns the latest surgical and medicinal modules- and finally encapsulates all the knowledge to the service of her patients.

Work Experience

It was in the year 2012 when Dr. Shukla completed her MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology (Obs. & Gyne.) from S.S. Medical College, Sanjay Gandhi Hospital at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Since then she has practiced in different parts of central India, chiefly as Post Graduate Medical Officer and a Consultant.

Over the years her professional experiences have involved Infertility Management (IUI/IVF), Laprotomy, Abdominal & Vaginal Hysterectomy, LSCS, LTT, ATT and D&C etc. Dr.Disha has always been on the forefronts of attending emergencies and handling critical obstetrical cases with poise. She admits that these experiences have provided her with a rare insight to human lives and the significance of a committed medical professional.


Dr.Disha Dubey Shukla believes that women’s health is a matter of deep concern, and so are their health challenges which must be attended head on. Her heart lies very close to rural female patients who not only lack proper medical care, but also the right medical advice at times. ‘A healthy mother leads to a healthy child, and thus a happy family’- with such goals on her professional bucket list, she serves joyfully.